About us

Since 2012, Actimo has been on a mission to help companies connect with their mobile-first employees successfully. Today, enterprise customers use Actimo to transform the way they communicate with, train, and lead their employees all around the world.

Guatemala City
Mexico City

Vision and history

From the initial message sent by the first customer in the Nordics, Actimo’s vision has been to connect the disconnected. It’s all about empowering organizations to unleash the potential of every employee by closing the communication gap between leadership and staff. We help managers get the insights they need to drive growth in their company. We enable employees to stay in the know to exceed their goals.

People and culture

People are the heart of Actimo. Taking ownership, working smart, and always winning as a team are the three values that we have hard-wired in our DNA. As we continue to grow, they continue to define who we are, what we do, and who we welcome to our team because amazing people don’t settle for average goals.
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