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Actimo is not only an agile platform, we are also human. Our experienced customer success managers reach out to you the same day you become a customer, get you up and running right away, and serve as your business advisors throughout your journey.


Onboarding and deployment

Strategy, goals & planning

We make sure that your business case has a clear ROI. We are there to help you set goals from the very beginning to keep a clear focus on creating value.

IT setup & security

We help you and your IT department sync Actimo with your existing HR systems, set up a Data Processing Agreement (GDPR), and fundamental security measures.

Design experience & communication

We help you and your team design the right apps and communication flows to support your objectives and reflect your brand DNA.

Training & best practices

We take you and your team through best industry practices and help you make the most out of Actimo and use our features efficiently.


Continuous inspiration & updates

We keep you in the know with the latest industry and product insights by continuously providing you with product updates, personal calls, and industry cases.

Ad-hoc support

Whenever you have a question or issue, our experienced support team is there – right in the app or by phone. We always get you back on track in a breeze.

Ad-hoc consultancy

With the complementary Customer Program, you can use up to twenty hours of personal consultancy per year. Our customers love the 1:1 connection.

Recurring business reviews

Every third or sixth month we encourage a check-in session with your project owner to review your goals, accomplishments, new developments, and next steps.

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