Investor Relations

Actimo is a fast-growing SaaS company with a clear strategy to scale and internationalize. Funding and investments are continuous steps that drive the company toward its strategic goals.
venture capital rounds
3.5M €
secured investment
Series A funding year


Actimo serves over 800.000 non-desk users working for small and large enterprises worldwide across industries such as retail, facility management, tourism, and pharma. The company primarily addresses the European and North-American markets while expanding a partnership approach in the rest of the world.

The Board

Ole Andersen, Chairman

Partner in FFW Agency and Board Member in Intellecta & Verdane ICT, Ole is a business angel with 35 years of experience in IT, software, digital solutions, and online marketing. He specializes in strategic, financial and marketing planning, as well as management and HR processes.
Jan Dal Lehrmann, Board Member

After exiting Bilbasen and Benjamin Media, Jan dedicated his life to investing in start-ups by helping them with leadership and management, digital strategy, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, and strategic partnerships.
Irfan Goandal, Board Member

Irfan is a senior executive with 20 years of extensive international digital/mobile experience in exploring, developing and marketing products, services and partnerships in advisory, strategic and operational leadership roles. Partner at Promentum Equity Partners and former Group Diretor at Global Telco Group Ooredoo, former Product Director at GSMA, and former Head of Products at Hi3G-Denmark (Three)
Martin Bøge Mikkelsen, Board Member

Martin is Professional Board Member, Venture Investor & advisor. He has more than 12 years of strategic and international Executive management experience, both as Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Board member as well as former Group Executive Vice President and member of the Group Executive Management of the Nordic Insurance Group Tryg. His core competencies are general management with special knowledge of commercial development, change management, It & digitization as well as value-driven leadership.
Eske Gunge, Board Member

With a background in online services and business development, Eske is an entrepreneur driven by creating results and developing services, businesses, and people. As the former head of online value-added services at the Danish telco TDC, he has founded three B2B software companies to date: Intermax (video streaming platform), B2BTones (content store for Telecom), and Actimo.
Anders Kragelund, Board Member

With 15+ years of building and leading digital subscription services for companies like TDC, Car2Go, Benjamin Media, as well as co-founding Tuxi (Cars as a Service) Anders works cross-functionally and hands-on across product, customer success, and sales enablement. He is driven by connecting the dots and happy customers


Promentum Equity Partners

Since inception, Promentum Equity Partners has had the vision of building outstanding technology businesses. They partner with companies with strong value propositions, significant market potential, and passionate entrepreneurs, and add value in critical areas needed to bring them successfully to market.

Mitco Aps

Mitco Invest ApS is a single-purpose holding company, organising the ownership in Actimo for the team of experienced business angels: Michael Houghton-Larsen, Martin Bøge Mikkelsen, Svend Andersen, Lars Ole Kornum, and Ole Andersen.

Lehrmann Holding Aps

Lehrmann Holdings ApS has active investments in Actimo, Mybanker, Plecto, Unwire Payment, Trophy Games and, not least, the retail chain Normal, which in 2017 was given the Gazelle award by Børsen for 12,000% growth over the last four years. The company's previous investments and exits include Car Base, Autobutler, Bazoom, and Benjamin Media. Lehrmann Holding is headed and owned 100% by Jan Dal Lehrmann.
Investor inquiries

The next funding round is expected in early 2019