Connect with your employees today

Actimo enables leadership and managers to make effective training, dialogue, and performance check-ins happen by engaging every single worker on site.

Lay the groundwork by reaching everyone on site

Lack of effective communication in the construction industry can lead to work, safety, and quality issues.

Get your workers up to speed with timely messages sent straight to their mobile devices. From weekly plans to quality improvements, contact directories, supplier info, and safety instructions, Actimo helps you gather all the information your teams need in one place.

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Help your employees know all the ropes

No matter if safety and quality procedures differ from site to site, employees need the right knowledge to do their jobs effectively.

Effortlessly onboard new staff and keep teams up to speed with automated training on mobile. With instant access to bite-sized learning videos, instruction manuals, and interactive quizzes, nobody needs to leave their daily tasks in the field to get the training they need.

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Get down to the nuts and bolts with frequent check-ins

Every worker out there is part of building something great, but keeping an eye on individual performance can be challenging.

Track employee development and get a granular view of the progress of all your projects with automatic check-ins scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis. This enables you to identify knowledge gaps and overcome any work challenge before it's too late.

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