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Actimo helps financial institutions anchor their strategy and drive bottom-line growth by successfully communicating with their employees, building knowledge, and driving leadership.

Align strategies across the whole organization

Whether you’re in banking, insurance, asset management, or capital markets, streamlining internal communication is key to driving focus and aligning objectives across all departments.

Bridge the communication gap and drive visibility at every dimension of business operations by directly reaching all your employees in real time, no matter their location, time zone, or role in the organization.

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Fuel operational excellence, no matter where your teams are

Empowering teams at every step of the employee journey makes it possible to meet customer demands successfully while keeping the corporate reputation intact.

Drive employee growth and spark performance by equipping your geographically-dispersed teams with the timely training they need to achieve excellent results while staying on top of company goals and important topics such as compliance and security management.

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Drive change with actionable insights

Fostering a culture where managers lead with transparency based on actionable insights and employees take an active role in their development leads to empowered organizations.

Close the feedback loop with frequent pulse surveys and ratings that enable you to drive growth and impact employee development here and now by tracking employee performance and behavior in real time.

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“Actimo is a game changer.”

Jim Ditmore, Group COO
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