Connect with your employees today

Actimo enables leadership and managers to communicate effectively with all their front-line employees, increase their service knowledge, and drive them to high performance.

Reach your non-desk staff within seconds

When your non-desk teams are dispersed and have different schedules, it can be difficult to reach everyone and align information across the organization.

Connect with and engage all your staff instantly via bite-sized mobile messages that are personalized in just a few clicks. Our unified intranet solution makes it effortless to make all your company information available in one place.

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Shorten the time to perform of your employees by half

For an industry where seasonal work and high employee churn are common, maximizing employee performance is crucial for delivering an outstanding customer experience and ensuring top-line growth.

With automated onboarding and step-by-step microlearning, you can effortlessly provide all your staff with the product and company knowledge they to need to perform up to 50% quicker.

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Empower front-line staff to engage fast

Staying in sync and maintaining an ongoing dialogue can be challenging when employees and managers are not able to see each other on a daily basis.

Align team KPIs and boost engagement with automated pulse check-ins that gather employee feedback here and now. Real-time performance and engagement insights enable managers to rate their employees with transparency and spark meaningful conversations.

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