Build and send personalized messages at scale

Create and send beautifully branded messages within seconds to reach your entire organization and connect with your teams, wherever they are.

Complete versatility to fit your brand

Bring your company's DNA to life by dragging and dropping your way to tailored messages built with just a few clicks. Dynamic fields and rich media uploads enable you to personalize your content effortlessly - no graphic design or programming skills needed.
Multi-channel messages

Communicate with your entire workforce

Whether it's through email, SMS, or straight from the Actimo app, you can reach all your employees instantly - no matter where they are and what devices they are using.
Customer story

“With Actimo, the quantity of our messages and the quality of our reach has been dramatically enhanced.”

With Lasse Schneider, Head of Retail Sales

Reach the right employees with the right messages

Deliver targeted communication by segmenting employees into groups based on their profession or the department they belong to. Members are dynamically added to specific groups based on rules - to save you time and take the hassle out of managing contact lists.
Content Library

Store your files in one place

Save time on locating, creating, and repurposing content by gathering your assets in one single shared library. All uploaded material can be placed into folders and categorized with tags to make filtering easy and gain a better overview.


Unified Search

Search and locate indexable content and rich media without leaving the app

Smart Groups

Automatically add employees to groups based on criteria you specify


Find content instantly with simple tag categorization

Multilingual Support

Personalize content by using your employees’ preferred language - eleven languages supported.


Fully customize the look and feel of your messages to reflect your brand


Review all your content before sending by visualizing it on multiple screens - phone, tablet, and desktop


Level up your content with real-time quizzes, points, badges, leaderboards, and rewards


Get everyone notified via SMS, email, voice call, or in-app nudges

Open API

Build and integrate anything you want with Actimo's open API platform

The Actimo Toolkit

All your management tools in one place

The Actimo tour

Connect with your employees today