Ramp up at scale

Minimize time to perform, reduce training costs, and improve retention by providing your new employees with fast and engaging onboarding.
Scalable learning

Streamline your onboarding processes

Get your new hires up to speed quickly with one-to-many onboarding that reaches everyone at the right time, in the right place, on any device. Intelligent automated flows make training seamless and effortless.
Personalized journeys

Tailor learning to each employee path

Deliver made-to-measure training and treat your employees as the individuals they are by segmenting and personalizing content, messages, as well as pre-boarding and onboarding activities.
Customer story

“With Actimo, the quantity of our messages and the quality of our reach has been dramatically enhanced.”

With Lasse Schneider, Head of Retail Sales
Interactive quizzes

Boost engagement with immersive training

Quizzes, tangible rewards, as well as dynamic leaderboards and scores enable you to incentivize action and spark motivation while delivering a unique onboarding experience.

Give actionable feedback with the right data

Real-time dashboards provide managers with instant access to their employees' onboarding progress to coach and bring support whenever it's needed.


User Groups

Segment new employees into groups for targeted onboarding

Universal Access

Access training instantly from any device, no downloads required


Get new employees notified via SMS, email, voice call, or in-app nudges

Employee KPIs

Enable employees to track their performance and training progress

Manager’s View

Get real-time insights into employee performance and training completion

Branded look

Customize the design of your training sequences to match your brand's DNA

Real-time Dashboards

Seamlessly visualize training progress in real time

Trigger-based Messages

Send automated onboarding messages based on time and behavior

Intelligent Benchmarking

Benchmark training completion across teams

The Actimo Toolkit

All your tools in one place

The Actimo tour

Connect with your employees today