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Actimo for Facility Management

Keep your frontline workforce informed and engaged

Actimo’s Facility Management solution allows you to focus on reaching your frontline employees effectively, reducing turnover, and ensuring they have the knowledge and skills needed to perform.

Trusted by 200+ leading brands to reach and engage 1M+ employees in 80+ countries

Read what our customers have to say about us


Read what our customers have to say about us

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Increase productivity from day 1

Move work forward by empowering your employees from their first day with the right training, when and where they need it.
  • Build easy-to-follow mico learning paths to develop knowledge and empower readiness
  • Inform employees about new HSE rules and procedures and track if they read and understood
  • Easily share training sessions, guidelines and documents and track progress in real time

Customer story

“We chose Actimo because they met our requirements and understood us best.”​

With Zanne Burø, Managing Director
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Strengthen your communication and company culture

Create a culture of social sharing to evoke connectedness, engagement and fulfilment for their role.
  • Quickly reach employees with critical need-to-know information, motivational content, relevant news and stories
  • Make it easy for colleagues and managers to find, connect to and engage with coworkers through Social
  • Push performance with easy access to support material and self-help

Attract, retain and develop your employees

Reduce turnover by keeping employees motivated and engaged in their employee journey through effective communication.
  • Create automated pre- and onboarding paths for employees to get started and feel welcomed
  • Collect employee feedback, questions and ideas to improve the quality of managerial decisions
  • Act on data insights to give employees awareness about their own performance

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Start leading the next-generation workforce

Why Actimo
Actimo’s mission is to engage, train, and inform frontline employees across all Facility Services so they can be supported and more productive. We are committed to assist Facility Managers in strengthening their company culture, attracting and retaining talent, and effectively training their front-liners.

With our employee app, we help Facility Management companies reduce the industry high turnover rates by easily and efficiently training their workforce on mandatory topics (e.g. HSE) and/or on their specific job service with bite-size learning paths. Along the employee learning journey, employers can track and measure progress in real-time.

Actimo has worked with various Facility Management companies in categories of Security Services, Catering, Specialized Cleaning, Waste Management, Pest Control etc. and has gathered expertise knowledge to support our Facility clients with the best customer service experience.

With our insights and integrated platform, Actimo helps Facility Managers with creating a company culture of connectedness, engagement and fulfillment. Managers can easily connect with their geographically scattered workforce by communicating directly to their mobile devices.

Keep your front-line workforce informed and engaged and take your business to the next level with our Actimo retail employee app and its combined tools of effective pre- and onboarding, employee communication, ongoing training and actionable insights.