Create a culture people want to be part of

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Company Culture and Well-being With an Employee App
Company Culture and Well-being With an Employee App

Company culture in a remote world


Well-being is more than a trend.

More than 45% of companies are increasing investment in the employee well-being segment. The corporate wellness market is exploding. Time to jump on the bandwagon! Companies are driving health-related internal campaigns, sharing pulse surveys, being more flexible, and sharing resources to support their people.

Initiatives to help workers be at their best are becoming expectations for all employers. It’s not a fad, the focus on your people’s well-being is the future.


Culture affects business results.

It’s not a myth— a positive work environment that breeds employee engagement and happiness impacts the bottom line. Workers feel it! 88% of employees believe workplace culture is important for business success.

If culture comes first, performance will follow. Companies with engaged employees face 15% greater employee productivity, among other positive results. Join the culture and employee well-being revolution, or run the risk of staying behind. Survey employee thoughts on your culture now.


Dispersed workforce. United culture.

Building a positive company culture in an organization with dispersed teams IS achievable! Not only this, it is necessary to reach your ultimate business objectives.

The dream is for an organic culture of employee well-being and engagement. However, it typically requires proactivity and listening to employees (with pulse surveys) to cultivate culture, especially when people are far from each other. Drive continuous, digital efforts to bring people together. It will pay off.

Run initiatives that motivate

Engage employees by driving campaigns that encourage them to be at their best.

Create opportunities for friendly competition across locations

Promote sustainability or health with activities like a Walkathon

Update and provide easy access to employee benefits

Employee app and employee motivation

“We have been able to share well-being tips and mental health resources which the staff have found very useful.”

Cheryl Stewart, Sales Director
Andron Facilities Management

Bring company values to life

Highlight company culture and values consistently throughout the employee experience.

Launch corporate value campaign for all employees

Remain true to your culture in internal comms and training

Survey employee feedback on alignment of brand & values

Company Values, Culture and Mission on an Employee App

12 Employee Well-being Initiatives

Keep in mind these top tips for managers to keep teams’ spirit high and promote employee health and wellness.

Culture and Employee Well-being Initiatives

Spark community

Fulfill employee’s desire for connection, support and a sense of belonging at work.

Bring all staff and teams closer with channels to connect

Welcome everyone to share stories, and survey employee opinions

Invite participation and excitement in internal events

Connection and Community at Work on Employee App

"Especially with how the world is at the minute, where we’re all constantly on video calls or not able to connect with each other as we would normally do. With Actimo you can still have connection, which is really lovely.”


Rebekah Smith

Internal Communications Coordinator
1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan

Hear your employees out

Ensure you listen to your workforce with pulse surveys, and that you cater to their needs.

Understand employees with eNPS and pulse surveys

Enable staff to engage and comment on updates

Collect feedback and survey employee input for culture initiatives

Employee Feedback on Employee App

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