Truly engaging employee communication

Harness the power of next-level internal communication.

Employee communication software or internal communication app
Employee communication software or internal communication app

Time to rethink communication at work


Designed for convenience

People are on-the-go; the creation and consumption of information should be as well. Make accessibility a part of your internal communication strategy. Communication at work must be easy to send, and easily accessible for every worker, always!

For people to want to communicate at work, make it effortless to do so.


Bringing people together

Connecting with co-workers and managers is more important than ever! Encourage people to interact with each other, at least digitally, on the daily.

Business success goes hand-in-hand with creating a culture of collaboration and sharing.


Uplifting and empowering everyone

Two-way communication at work also involves letting employees use their voice, and listening to it.

Employee communication platform will help you to keep information and insights transparent; giving a key for employee and business growth.

Learn more about the internal communication essentials for an engaging employee experience

Ready, set, reach!

Guarantee all frontline employees are informed, wherever they are.

Share relevant news on-the-spot and across locations

Keep employees in the loop with instant notifications

Give custom access to resources, at their fingertips

Reach all employees with employee app and mobile notifications

"I can reach employees directly, and get direct feedback much quicker than I could before."

Lasse Schneider, Head of Retail Sales at 3
A global telecommunications company

Digital open communication and employee feedback on employee app

Reimagine open communication at work

Encourage employees to use their voice and be a part of company conversations.

Create simple surveys to collect employee feedback

Enable staff to engage and comment on updates

Make two-way communication fun with gamification

"We didn’t have many metrics to judge our comms before Actimo... It has been really good in allowing us to understand what it is people are wanting to see. But also, in giving people a voice. Employees now have a voice and the option to share their opinions and feedback.”


Rebekah Smith

Internal Communications Coordinator
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Employee Connection, Community, Collaboration at work

Spark connections and collaboration

Help employees work better, together. Benefit from building connections within your company.

Welcome everyone to share stories and opinions

Drive culture and efficiency with channels for teams

Break down barriers through easy contact access

How to Plan Your Internal Communication Content

Start planning, and keep track of your employee communication efforts for greater impact.

Internal Communication Content Calendar by Actimo
Measure Employee Communication, Internal Communication Insights

Unlock communication insights

Lead with clear insights into your employee communication.

Follow-up to ensure your workforce is truly up-to-date

Track how employees use and engage with content

Get a seamless overview of employee feedback




open rate


printing savings


Unlike email, Actimo is inclusively designed for the modern, non-desk workforce and allows for faster, more open, and effective communication in the workplace. Leaders can easily create the most engaging content for internal communication, onboarding, training and leadership. Plus, they can securely send and receive info. across all levels, and track engagement in real-time.

Reaching your entire organization within seconds is possible via the option to send SMS and mobile push notifications. Workers don't always have access to their corporate email, but they always have access to their phones!

Yes; Actimo provides accurate, real-time open rates and other employee engagement insights into how internal communication content is being delivered and consumed.

Actimo was built to help organizations drive remote employee engagement! On their employee app, managers and employees alike experience:

Actimo app enables:

  • Snackable communication; easy to understand and retain.
  • Access to information and communication that fits their mobile way of working.
  • Smart reminders for unread corporate news and updates.
  • Opportunities to provide instant feedback to management.
  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer interactions as a part of social groups.

For all internal communications or content you want to share, you can choose to send it to either the entire organization or specific groups. These smaller groups can be based on role, seniority, teams, locations etc. Additionally, every employee has a personalized news feed in their employee app that only shows communication that is relevant and meant to be shared with them.

The Social Wall is a single place to share messages, images, videos and more, with colleagues, on the leading employee communications platform. Social Walls unite your organization’s people on their Actimo employee app. These spaces can be created to connect the entire organization, or for conversations and engagement between people in specific locations, departments or teams.

Over 250 medium to large size organizations worldwide use Actimo, the 360 employee app, as their co-pilot driving remote employee engagement, culture, and learning. Actimo is trusted to increase dispersed team’s motivation and productivity by transforming employee communication, training and leadership. Businesses integrate their HR systems and customize their all-in-one employee app to fit their particular needs, and achieve their goals. Leaders at various levels also take advantage of the platform’s employee engagement insights to make impactful decisions on people and business.

Actimo has become an integral partner for decision-makers in HR, communications, and training across a wide range of industries, including retail, facilities management, finance and hospitality.

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