Employee onboarding.
Right from the start

It's pre- and onboarding for new hires, made easy and engaging.

Launch new employee onboarding process that makes a difference



Tailor your onboarding to help new hires adapt to your company culture, and even their specific role.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when bringing an onboarding process to life. Ultimately, your onboarding program should be and can be made unique. With Actimo content and flow are easy to tweak to remain helpful for your business and your people.



Structuring an onboarding program with hr onboarding software has never been easier! Start earlier, be comprehensive, and involve blended learning, while still saving your company time and money.

Don’t settle for employee onboarding of the past. Drive your program’s success with efficient, automated, mobile onboarding.



Give your employees the welcome they deserve; one that feels personal, even though the workforce may be dispersed.

Since pre- and onboarding is the first step of the employee journey, design it with your people’s needs in mind. Include practical info, team introductions, engaging training and continuous check-ins that make a great first impression.

Set up employees for success

Get your new hires ready to perform and win, no matter their position.

Welcome staff with custom, engaging onboarding flows

Prep employees with quick training before their first day

Build pre-, off-, or onboarding processes for your business

Employee Pre-boarding and Onboarding Employee App

“When you start as an employee at our company, you will get an invitation, a welcoming text message, and then we will guide you through this whole onboarding process on Actimo."

Thomas Byfoged, HR Business Partner
Max Hamburger

Save time, make it automatic

Auto-run seamless onboarding programs with a one-time setup. Make it personal too!

Maximize efficiency while getting newbies up-to-speed

Schedule a flow in minutes, to be completed on-the-go

Measure your people’s training progress in real-time

The Definitive
Onboarding Guide

Maximize the potential of every one of your employees through a smooth onboarding process.

Include your team

Involve other staff in your onboarding flows to help new hires adapt faster.

Invite team members have a role in welcoming hires

Enable employee-sharing of pre-recorded video intros

Introduce every new worker to the company culture

Your onboarding platform # 1

Our team of industry and employee engagement experts can help you successfully use Actimo to create an outstanding employee experience.

Sync to perfection

Take employee onboarding to the next efficiency-level by pairing your HR system.

Auto-start programs with your employee's start dates

Use your data to send updates to managers and staff

Discover all of our platform’s integrations




increased sales


higher employee


Actimo is a great tool for seamless, remote employee onboarding. The Actimo platform allows for easy, one-time setup of an onboarding flow that can be scheduled, start earlier (pre-boarding) and save time and costs in operational tasks with automations. Onboarding with Actimo is easily customizable for organizations and specific positions, and more accessible, engaging, and comprehensive for employees. Plus, leaders can track progress and see engagement from the start.

Yes. Actimo can be synced with many HR systems for next-level time savings. Check out our integrations.

Yes. You can have employee onboarding to start even before their first day. Set it up once, customize the flow as you want, and sync it with HR systems’ start dates. Have it run when you want, with minimal effort.

Yes. We are happy to share our employee pre-boarding template for you to easily customize and share with new staff. It includes an introduction to the company, new team members, key values and missions of the company and provides practical information for the employee to be ready on his or her first day of work.

You can also design your own pre- and onboarding flow from scratch on Actimo.

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