Fuel your people’s growth

Revamp employee learning and development to achieve your business goals.

Let employees experience a new way of learning
with next-level learning management


It’s mobile-first

Time to mobilize employee training with an LMS as modern as they come! The future of corporate learning merges with their flow of work, is user-friendly, on-demand, and at people’s fingertips.

Deskless employees are often busy running around interacting with people or infrastructure. To develop today’s modern workforce, flexibility and accessibility are key.


It’s engaging and motivating

Keeping employees interested in company training does not have to be an uphill battle.
An LMS with digital learning paths that are simple, and have fun completion and achievement elements, can go a long way. Engage and motivate staff with microlearning and training designed for them to have a pleasant experience.


It’s measurable

Real-time insights into staff training compliance and progress are easy to get with the right e-learning platform. Get ready to empower managers and employees.

Start tracking training activity to ensure readiness-to-perform. Provide people with not only flexibility, but also oversight of their own training progress and that of the teams they lead.

Microlearning for the win

Upgrade to training that is easy to understand and fits employee schedules.

Create simple and engaging bite-sized lessons

Section learning content to make it consumable on-the-go

Boost info retention with short, but enriching, content

“We have built a huge amount of content into Actimo and used blended learning as well as gamification and short micro videos... for sales, leadership, as well as system training.”

Thomas Larsen
Head of Learning and Development BoConcept

Enlightening training paths

Guide your employees with easy-to-follow learning journeys on a simple, but powerful LMS.

Make it intuitive for employees to complete their training

Spark engagement with gamified learning chapters

Empower workers to progress at their own pace

The Definitive
Onboarding Guide

Maximize the potential of every one of your employees through a smooth onboarding process.

Set-up as easy as 1,2,3

Build entire training programs for your teams in minutes with the right e-learning platform.

Experience user-friendly training content creation

Customize training for your business needs

Simplify corporate learning for your people

Data, data, data

Unlock next-level learning management with real-time insights into employee learning across all levels.

Deep-dive into data for departments or locations

Celebrate achievements and tap into knowledge gaps

Empower workers to track their training progress


improvement in
sales performance


increase in
customer satisfaction


less internal
support requests


No expertise in coding, design or learning management is needed to bring employee training content to life on Actimo app. With this employee LMS, you can set up engaging learning material in minutes and ensure it reaches the right people immediately.

Your employees are in for a unique learning experience. Employee training on Actimo supports microlearning and can include videos, images, text, while being gamified. As a Kahoot! Company, our mission is to help you make corporate learning awesome!

Yes. On Actimo, you can get real-time insights into how employees engage with their training content. This data is useful in identifying potential knowledge gaps within your workforce

This e-learning platform also enables you to empower team managers across your organization by letting them see their team’s learning performance and compliance. Plus, every employee is also empowered to see their own training progress and learning journey until completion.

You can use Actimo app to onboard, upskill, or reskill your employees on any topic. Mobile training can be easily created with your own content and in any structure you want; it can be about a certain skill, company values, a new process, employee onboarding, and much more on this modern e-learning platform.

Yes; we have a number of pre-set training templates around Health, Safety & Environment and new procedures that you can start using right away. We also partner with several, leading training providers that can help you create and facilitate your learning & development efforts in Actimo.

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