Power performance on-the-go

Boost productivity and streamline processes for every worker and team.

Employees at the core of business efficiency


Engage employees to boost productivity

Work experiences are as important as customer experiences these days, for both impact the bottom line!

Gallup reported highly engaged business units realize a 17% increase in productivity, among other other positive business results. Prioritizing employee experience and engagement is the key to achieving sustainable results, for they motivate people to want to contribute to the business with their best. Drive continuous efforts to engage your entire workforce and grow your business.


Be truly transparent

Experience less disruption! Information-sharing and effective open communication can help achieve consistency, and efficiency, and boost productivity.

Be transparent by not only sharing information, but also ensuring it is actually reaching people. Front-line workers are often on-the-go, and their communication should be as well. Update your employees in real-time, and let them access resources and communication channels that enable collaboration that helps them win— all within their flow of work.


Promote a goal-oriented mindset

Motivating your people to achieve business objectives is easier than it seems, and necessary to boost productivity. Start by defining clear goals, and making sure they are visible to all workers.

Keep people in the loop as to teams’ performance and current progress towards meeting KPIs and other measurable results. Plus, maintain commitment to succeed high by celebrating and recognizing employees’ hard work and success! Empower other leaders within your organization to do the same.

Data for success

Use metrics and objectives as drivers for employee motivation and engagement.

Present company KPIs in an understandable way

Let employees see team progress and rally around it

Empower staff with individual performance insights

“Our colleagues feel more prepared for the meetings now, and they know they have the most recent and up-to-date information just in the palm of their hand.”

Annette Jardine, Head of Business Operations
Nordics and Baltics at Sanofi

Make work flow

Build efficient processes and integrate them into your people’s flow of work.

Digitize and simplify tasks and training for your staff

Provide bite-sized content that is relevant and useful

Automate and streamline operations across locations

Save Time and Boost Productivity for Facility Managers

Maximize productivity in facility management by cultivating culture and improving employee onboarding and training processes.

Info whenever, wherever

Help employees help themselves by providing what they need in the palm of their hands.

Provide access to relevant resources all in one place

Share upcoming initiatives, campaigns and events

Make it easy to find information on-demand

"Before implementing Actimo it could be very time consuming to get the medical information, it could take an hour or more for these updates via teleconference and you could never go back in time if you couldn't attend. Today, you can get these updates with videos of 2-3 minutes with accompanying materials.”

Annette Jardine

Head of Business Operations,
Nordics & Baltics, Sanofi Genzyme

Break down barriers for collaboration

Encourage your employees to work and win together.

Enable open communication and best practice sharing

Operate more efficiently with channels for teams

Make it simple to find and contact co-workers




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