Positive employee experience

Elevate employee engagement and redesign the journey employees take with your organization for greater impact.

Drive employee engagement
by designing a unique employee experience


It’s continuous

Drive engagement every step of your employees’ way! Aim to regularly increase team member motivation, empowerment, and desire to move the organization forward by focusing on their day-to-day experience.

Consistently check-in with each of your employees via pulse surveying and make changes to meet their needs. Remember to also make collaborating and learning fun throughout their time with your organization.


It’s all-in-one

As the modern non-desk workforce is largely remote or dispersed, it’s important to bring people closer and ensure they are connected to both their employer, and their co-workers.

Digitize your workplace and experience the benefits of mobile! In this way, you can provide employees with easy access to your company and its people.

Provide mobile-friendly and secure solution that can be customized to accommodate varying needs of a modern organization.


It aligns with company culture

The employee life cycle should reflect your organization’s unique culture and values. Start with clarity on what these already are, or what you want to better convey these to be.

When designing engagement efforts and processes in comms and training for example, your goal should be to inspire staff to live the mission of your business, and perform at their best. Stay true to your company’s identity throughout!

Engage every step of the way

Drive continuous efforts for a positive employee experience from beginning to end.

Start engagement efforts early, even before day 1

Engage in every phase of the employee journey

Make communication, training, and surveys personal and mobile

“There can be a long distance between the head office and all our employees, and we have minimized that significantly. Our engagement score shows, this year we improved significantly.”

Zanne Burø, Managing Director
Compass Group in Denmark

Fuel your people’s growth

Support your staff’s development, wherever they are in their employee journey, or the world.

Enable modern onboarding that is easy and impactful

Power e-learning that is on-the-go, effective and engaging

Gain feedback with employee satisfaction survey

Your guides to driving employee engagement

Get the most out of pulse surveys

Upgrade your employee experience with engagement survey. Get feedback on job-related roles, communication, relationships, and work environment.

Discover EX perceptions through employee engagement surveys

Spark dialogue between managers and those they lead

Track engagement trends and empower leaders with data

“It is important that we deliver 100% from day one, and Actimo has helped us with that. We see that our staff are more engaged, they know more stuff when they come for their first work day and they feel a lot safer. Even if you’re a zookeeper or a seasonal employee, you’re part of one team. You’re part of one flock.”


Glenn André Viste Bøe

Director of Guest Experience
Skånes Djurpark
Biggest Scandinavian wildlife park in the world

Your workplace, customized

Embark on an impactful journey co-piloted by your tailored, 360 engagement platform.

Drive remote culture and bring co-workers together

Share employee benefits and information, all in one place

Enable employee development and business success


Actimo is designed to make a positive impact on the employee experience by enabling leaders to drive employee engagement. With Actimo app, your organization can upgrade employee communication, training and leadership throughout the employee journey - from pre-boarding to offboarding. Indeed, the Actimo platform and team enables easy content creation and provides access to features that make company information more interesting, empowering, and accessible for employees, wherever they are, whatever they do.

As a customizable employee engagement app you can build the digital employee experience and cultivate that makes sense to your organization and meets employee wants and needs.

Yes. Actimo app is a 360 employee engagement app that is designed as an all-in-one solution for the remote internal communications, employee training, and leadership needs of medium to large size organizations.

Businesses use Actimo as a one-stop-shop for their employees to access corporate information, and engage with their peers and have two-way feedback. As a result, Actimo can probably replace many of the systems you use, seamlessly integrate with them, or link to them from the employee app.

Yes. Actimo can be synced with many HR systems for next-level time savings. Check out our integrations.

Over 250 medium to large size organizations worldwide use Actimo, the 360 employee app, as their co-pilot driving remote employee engagement, culture, and learning. Actimo is trusted to increase dispersed team’s motivation and productivity by transforming employee communication, training and leadership. Businesses integrate their HR systems and customize their all-in-one employee app to fit their particular needs, and achieve their goals. Leaders at various levels also take advantage of the platform’s employee engagement insights to make impactful decisions on people and business.

Actimo has become an integral partner for decision-makers in HR, communications, and training across a wide range of industries, including retail, facilities management, finance and hospitality.

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