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Learn how Andron Facilities Management has been caring for its people with a focus on employee experience; and its implications on differentiation and customer retention.

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Andron Facilities Management is a leading, family owned and managed company specializing in soft FM services (cleaning, security and front of house). They proudly serve banking, commercial, manufacturing and retail industries, amongst others, all across the United Kingdom.

Key Wins

Family values are instilled in every decision at Andron FM. This has helped them deliver best-in-class soft facilities services since 1980, and is now helping connect and support their workforce dispersed across the UK. To make the company with over 2,000 employees feel smaller, Andron chose to collaborate with Actimo.


90% activation rate of their Actimo employee app.

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Using Actimo’s Social Wall, Andron created a Walkathon encouraging socially-distanced physical activity, and sparking engagement.

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Collaborating with Actimo to connect, and support employees is helping Andron solidify relationships with clients.

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Andron will use Actimo for employee training incorporating entertaining, demonstrable videos.

An expectation-exceeding “one-stop shop” for all employees

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Andron started the decade strong by investing in their employee experience. They were looking for ways to make people feel more informed, connected, and like an integral part of the brand and its values.

Besides Actimo’s prior experience working with organizations similar to Andron, Cheryl Stewart, Director of Sales at Andron Facilities Management shares what stood out to them about the platform.

“When we came across Actimo, we realized that we could have both a communication and training tool combined, one that could be made bespoke to our individual needs and be a “one-stop shop” for all of our employees.”

Cheryl Stewart - Director of Sales at Andron Facilities Management

Team members at Andron were involved and committed from the start. Consequently, launching MyAndron, their customized employee app, went smoothly. “We exceeded our initial expectations of how many employees would be happy to download the app onto their mobile phones,” shares Cheryl. Indeed, the activation rate was above 90% from the get-go.

Supporting well-being during the pandemic sparks employee engagement

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Covid-19 making an appearance in early 2020 affected business. Nevertheless, Andron’s efforts to put people first continued.

“Being able to send out important updates from the Head Office that can reach everyone instantly has been extremely helpful, especially during the pandemic,” says Cheryl.

In fact, their app has served as a reliable source of news and information for the workforce. “We have also been able to share well-being tips and mental health resources which the staff have found useful,” she adds.

Actimo use certainly has not stopped at facilitating one-way communication though. In January 2021, they used Actimo’s Social Wall feature to create a “Walkathon”. This initiative aims to encourage staff to stay active, and connected as an Andron family, even during lockdown.

In this inclusive, digital space, participants are to reach a set goal in number of steps. While doing so, they can share pictures of themselves or something they found interesting during their strolls. The health and well-being activity is still running, and employees at all levels of the organization have been actively engaged.

Furthermore, management has also been able to send employee pulse surveys through their app. Truly caring, they have asked questions around how people are feeling during lockdowns, and whether they might need professional help.

Andron’s clients love their digital efforts to promote wellness

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Something Andron FM has found surprising this past year is how much their clients have asked what they are doing to support their employees in these difficult times. Cheryl shared that their clients have been impressed with how Andron is using Actimo to communicate, and in many ways connect, their people.

All in all, the well-being initiatives and resources on Andron’s employee app seem to have the bonus benefit of contributing to their differentiation in the facilities management space. Plus, they seem to help in solidifying client relationships with those who also care about putting people first.

Using Actimo to build engaging training experiences for employees

Executives at Andron are happy with the power and impact of this digital tool, especially liking the 360 feedback on all things employee engagement. Cheryl provides intel on their plans for using Actimo going forward.

Their Training and Development Manager, Bryan Maher, is working on replacing part of their face-to-face training, with accessible and fun training modules on Actimo. Their plan includes incorporating demonstrable training videos of specific tasks, like ones related to cleaning for example. They are also excited about incorporating animated videos into their learning content.

“We believe [training using Actimo] will help free up our managers’ time, standardize our procedures and allow us to track and evidence completion of training across our entire workforce in real time” says Cheryl.

This has actually been key when competing to retain and win business recently. Cheryl shares that several of Andron’s customers have been blown away by their ability to show employee engagement and training compliance metrics live on Actimo.

“The process has been straight-forward and it has been extremely rewarding to see our branded employee app being rolled out and used by our employees across all levels of the business”

Cheryl Stewart - Director of Sales at Andron Facilities Management

We can’t wait to see how it continues to develop over the coming year,” concludes Cheryl.

We, at Actimo, can’t wait either.

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