Shorten time to perform

Close the knowledge gaps and accelerate time to productivity with automated onboarding, step-by-step microlearning, and gamification delivered at the right time, on the devices your teams use every day.

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Ramp up at scale

Get all your new hires set up for success with one-to-many training, no matter the timezone or location. Flexible to tailor to your employees’ needs and powerful to scale as you grow.

  • Add rich media to boost engagement
  • Personalize training with dynamic custom fields
  • Segment audiences by groups, departments, and stages


Train smarter through automation

Accelerate knowledge at record speed with automated training that adapts to each journey. Personalizing paths quickens time to competency at every lifecycle milestone.

  • Customize sequences with action triggers and time delay
  • Schedule and test automated flows with ease
  • Update employee custom fields based on completion level
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Structure learning tracks

Build knowledge over time by equipping your staff with the right training at every step. Everyone can get up to speed at any time on any topics by accessing one single hub.

  • Create custom modules and categories
  • Enable self-paced learning with downloadable materials
  • Schedule training reruns to nudge activity

Customer story

“It’s important for us to deliver 100% from day 1 and Actimo has helped us with that.”
With Glenn André Viste Bøe, Director of Guest Experience
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Increase engagement and training completion

Improve knowledge retention by creating a unique experience with quizzes and gamified activities. Receiving tangible rewards and recognizing accomplishments makes training fun and achievable.

  • Rank success with points, badges, leaderboards
  • Run internal contests to spark friendly competition
  • Send in-app notifications to inspire and motivate

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