Actimo Big Product Launch 2019

We have exciting news!
Our Big Product Launch of 2019 is here and we can’t wait to share it with you 💥

Let’s take a look at the new Actimo employee engagement boosters! 


Social with Private Groups

Social interactions are the key driver for engagement. And to make Social even more powerful, employees can now create their own groups to exchange, collaborate and communicate directly with each other, and they can use mentions to highlight their colleagues.

Time to switch on engagement!



Customize Your Groups

Branding the things we love is important. That is why you now have the option to customise each Social group, created by the company or directly by employees, with an individual group image, a group title and a description of what the group is all about.

Everything you know from Social Media, just in the safe environment of your employee app!


Push Notifications

Imagine your internal communication being as seamless and in real-time as in your employees’ private life… Well, with Actimo’s push notifications this is now all possible. Notify your teams about important updates and let them receive notifications about their social groups and mentions without any text messages or email.

Push, push, push!


Native App

And the best thing at the end: Actimo is proudly introducing the Actimo Native App. Create and manage your branded app just like before, but give your employees the best and intuitive experience with native push notifications, unread badges and smooth login.

Our App is available on AppStore and Google Play. Happy App-ing!



Do you want to know more about our new features and how to use them best in your Actimo? Join one of our webinars!

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Now you know

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to our Support or Customer Success.

Enjoy your October and see you next month with another update.
Spoiler Alert: we introduce new ways to log in!