Pulse Surveys

Get real-time employee insights

Measure and improve employee engagement and performance with the power of pulse surveys.
People First

Speed up the employee feedback loop

Swap time-consuming annual engagement surveys for bite-sized pulse surveys that give you a real-time snapshot of employee satisfaction every step of the journey.

  • Aggregate questions in relevant categories
  • Build trust and engagement with anonymous feedback
  • Easily identify which leadership variable to improve
Team Management

Empower team managers with insights

Enable business-line managers with insights into areas for improvement to fuel manager-to-employee dialogue, improve department culture, and create top-performing teams.

  • Team engagement data at your fingertips
  • Access team engagement progression over time
  • Assist managers with relevant leadership tips
Organizational Impact

Drive and monitor employee engagement

Access insights that enable you to impact company performance, lead by KPIs, support development, and turn data into action

  • Identify key areas for leadership improvement and track changes
  • Segment and investigate by region, location, and team
  • Know where and when you’ll have the greatest impact

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