Equip your employees with an on-the-job trainer with a micro-learning approach

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Start leading the next-generation workforce

Powerful E-learning. Simple, intuitive and engaging.

Actimo Academy is our on-the-job trainer for your remote employees that quickly introduces them to products, processes and culture and merges with their flow of work. Ensuring your employees have the onboarding knowledge and skills they need to perform. Everyday.

Trusted by 200+ leading brands to reach and engage 1M+ employees in 80+ countries​


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Create Guided Learning Paths for Your Employees

Create Guided Learning Paths
for Your Employees

The key to effective training are easy-to-follow learning paths that guide your employees through their learning. With the Actimo Academy, your employees intuitively know where to go and what to do next to complete their training and move their progress to 100%.

Motivate Your Teams with Engaging Learning Experience

Motivate Your Teams with
Engaging Learning Experience

Learning should be fun and playful to keep motivation levels high for your employees during their training. The Actimo learning journey is gamified with instant gratification to celebrate successes instantly and let your employees stay encouraged to continue learning.
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Build Your Trainings in Minutes

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There is no more guessing if something was understood, let the data do the talking. Track the entire learning path, deep-dive into single departments, or compare progress across locations. Celebrating achievements and following up on knowledge gaps has never been easier.

Take Action based on Real-Time Insights


Set up is as simple as 1-2-3. You can build entire training programs for your teams without being an IT expert or training professional. Actimo Academy is a simple and flexible drag and drop solution that helps you create even the most complex trainings in no time.

The Actimo tour

Start leading the next-generation workforce

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