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Actimo for Retail

Outstanding customer experiences go through your front-line employees

Actimo’s retail solution allows you to focus on what is really needed in your business: setting your team up for success and increasing sales.

Trusted by 200+ leading brands to reach and engage 1M+ employees in 80+ countries

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Read what our customers have to say about us

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Take your campaign results to a new level

Share upcoming campaigns, goals, and activities with your customer-facing teams and nudge them with on-the-go training.

  • Easily communicate campaigns as part of your employee app
  • Build bite-sized training for your employees to test knowledge
  • Nudge teams with motivational messages and campaign follow-ups

Customer story

“With Actimo, the quantity of our messages and the quality of our reach has been dramatically enhanced.”
With Lasse Schneider, Head of Retail Sales
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Bring sharing and social groups to the shop floor

Create a culture of social sharing across the different stores and let employees collaborate more effectively across locations.

  • Create social groups within and across stores to let teams connect
  • Encourage social learning and knowledge sharing
  • Motivate teams through social competitions


Get closer to your teams through effective communication

Inform your retail teams about updates and important information along their employee journey and listen to them through simple feedback & surveys.

  • Reach your frontline employees quickly and easily via their mobile phones
  • Create pre- and onboarding paths to get new employees up to speed
  • Set up and track the results of surveys and evaluations

Customer story

“Actimo has helped us to be more efficient in our training and in achieving our KPIs.””
With Thomas Larsen, Head of Learning and Development
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Why Actimo

Actimo’s mission is to help companies engage their retail workforce and make them more productive. With our strong focus and long experience in the retail sector, we understand the challenges and daily business operations that are crucial in the retail world and know that retail comes in many forms and shapes. With our employee app, we help retail companies with their onboarding, internal communication, training, and campaign management and make sure their staff is ready to perform on the shop floor.

Actimo has worked with various retail customers in categories such as supermarkets, high street retail chains, convenience stores, or brick and mortar stores and has built in-house experience to support our retail clients with the best customer success experience.

With our insights and integrated platform, Actimo helps HR managers, Retail Operations, internal communication or Training and Development managers to connect with their retail staff, train them in an effective way, and track and measure progress in real-time. Our intuitive employee app allows store managers to track their team’s performance and follow up with each employee.

Take your sales, customer experience and employee engagement of your retail business to the next level with our Actimo retail employee app and its combined tools of effective pre- and onboarding, employee communication, ongoing training and actionable insights.

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