Conference Highlights: Remote Employee Management in 2021

Recap from the leading conference on driving remote employee engagement, culture and learning.

Covid-19 and other happenings could not stop the knowledge-sharing. The first Actimeetup of the decade went digital with the overarching theme of driving remote employee engagement, culture, and learning. This edition of the leading conference for leaders in HR, Communications, and Learning and Development is highly applicable for 2021 and beyond.

Over the course of two days, more than 200 virtual attendees were able to learn from the experiences of executives and experts in retail, hospitality, transportation, healthcare and SaaS, among other industries. The all star line-up shared insights through panel discussions, interactive workshops, inspiring customer stories, and more.

If you were unable to join us, do not fret. The full content from Actimeetup 2020 is now available on-demand.

Here are main takeaways from the celebrated event:


1. Engaged teams are a key driver for business performance.

Eske Gunge, CEO at Actimo was the first keynote speaker and wanted to leave everyone with, at the very least, one idea: it all starts with engagement. In sum, when the employee experience is as prioritized as the customer experience, that is where magic happens. Watch Eske’s entire speech here.

People are the core motor of all businesses, and engaged employees equals more productive ones. Throughout both days, examples were shared on engagement having yielded improved sales results, and a better experience for people in an organization, and those it serves.

Learn more about the powerful relationship between employee engagement and team performance.


2. The future of training is mobile and through micro-learning.

Leaders knowledgeable on learning and development talk about the shift from only focusing on content, to now focusing on how the user will experience said content. Best learning practices include bringing information to where employees are, or making it just-in-time, accessible, and fun. Additionally, for onboarding and training to be truly engaging and even habit-changing, it should have a micro-learning component. This involves packaging information bite-sized (in smaller segments). Micro-learning does not interfere with people doing their job, but actually supports their performance. For a great example, check out Actimo Academy, the on-the-job trainer.


3. Open, relevant and convenient internal communication can go a long way.

When aiming to drive remote employee engagement, two-way internal communication is key. First on the list in a panel discussion on this topic, was making efforts to create open-dialogue even while socially distanced. Being inclusive and social on one platform has helped create accountability within businesses. Indeed, even in tumultuous times like early in the pandemic, several of Actimo’s customers saw a spike in open rates on their communications. Others noticed how creating messages that were “close to the heart” or relevant, had more of a positive impact on engagement. Last but not least, being able to communicate conveniently has meant people are not only better informed, but also more connected.


4. Be proactive in understanding and building upon your company culture.

Looking at your organizational culture is a way to put people at the heart of your business. Before deploying a strategy around culture development, it’s important to get to know your remote workforce, their environment and day-to-day tasks. Retailers shared success stories on acknowledging people’s shared interests to build upon culture. For instance, Lampehuset embraced people’s passion for their company by adding transparency to sales results, instigating friendly competition. Similarly, Lagkagehuset designated “ambassadors” to drive initial engagement, and managed to establish a sense of community even in tough times. Reminder: don’t forget to continuously check employee pulse, meaning satisfaction and well-being.


5. Learning can be tailor-made awesome for everyone.

Not only individuals, but organizations as well must adapt to ensure the best learning and development for their people, wherever they may be. Digital tools can help! In fact, they are already helping private and public organizations in various industries. Experts detail how to build your very own employee app through Actimo, and all about the uniqueness and great value of Kahoot! 360. Managers can easily develop their teams on any topic, while team members embark on a gamified and therefore enjoyable, enriching journey.

Now that Kahoot! and Actimo have joined forces, corporate learning is being taken to another level of awesomeness. More actionable insights combined with engaging, effective and fun learning experiences underway.

The two-day virtual event was one for the books, one where employee engagement, culture and learning have never been more relevant. Above all, it was unanimous; for success now and in the future: put people first.

Stay tuned for Actimeetup 2021. Join us, we hope in person, to stay on top of all things employee experience and engagement!

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