Actimo Product Digest

Spring 2022 edition

April showers have brought awesome upgrades on Actimo!

Discover what’s new this season.


Drag & Drop

Drag & drop is here with even more options! 

Select your messages, move them from one parent folder to a subfolder, and from a subfolder to a parent folder in a super-easy way.

Check out new capabilities in your Actimo editor!

Drag and drop feature on employee app Actimo editor

Pin Posts on Social Wall

Feature of important messages for employees staying on top of their screen

Ensure your employees don’t miss out on what’s happening.

You can now have the most important posts stay at the top  of their social wall! 

Find out more on our Helpdesk.

Text Module

Content is king and we want to empower you to create awesome content for your employees!

To do so, we’ve enhanced our text module with new features. 

Find out more in this Helpdesk article.

Actimo text module

Coming soon
Features you’ll see blooming on your employee app in the very near future.

Image Gallery or Carousel

Image carousel on employee app

What’s more powerful than one image?

Several high-quality images!

You will soon be able to upload multiple images in one module for a carousel-like view and even better storytelling  on your employee app!

Publish Page

Publishing a message is about to get very sweet with our new publish page feature.

We’re currently working on improving the flow to enable you to connect with your employees even faster. 

Don't miss out on

one-stop-shop for content production

Creative Studio

Make employee engagement content extra awesome with expert help for your communication and learning design needs.

Time Savers
and engagement boosters

Professional Services

Create the ultimate employee experience on Actimo effortlessly with premium services led by our Customer Success team.

new blog post

Why Employee Comms Fail and 5 Strategies to Make them Better

Discover common issues in communication channels and content, and how to improve employee comms to reach every worker.

Success story

Creating the best customer experiences by engaging employees

Learn how Sabis is uniting and developing their workforce to achieve their mission of becoming the best in food and service. 

Now you know! See you soon for more updates! 

Remember, if you have questions about features available on Actimo app, reach out to our Support team. If you are not a part of the Actimo family yet, click here to learn more.

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