Actimo Product Digest: August 2020

Welcome to this month’s Product Digest and our best picks from the latest releases. This edition is filled with lots of cool new features about our favorite part: your Actimo insights & analytics.

Jump right in and learn more about what you can do now to get the most out of your Actimo platform.

Download Report from Dashboard

We start with a pretty cool one that transforms your Dashboard into an excel report. In the Communicate section of your Dashboard you can now directly create and download reports of your Actimo data. Just mouse over the data you want to learn more about and click on “See Details” in the pop-up window.

​Jump to Insights from a Message

If you like nudging to boost your employees’ open rate or training progress as much as we do (and yes, we love it), then this one’s for you. With our new button design, you now have the option to not only link to another message or an external URL, but also to let each employee access their personal open rate or progress page.

​Export Academy Analytics with One Click

Many of you have asked us for this and we’re proudly able to share it with you: in our Actimo Academy — the best on-the-go trainer for your frontline employees — you can now export all data and insights from your training directly from the Analytics page. Just open your preferred training, go to Analytics and click the “Export” button.
And to make working with Academy even easier, we have created a number of templates that you can start using immediately.

​Include Insights into Contact Export

Ok, we know we talked a lot about Insights already, but we have one more trick up our sleeves. Exporting your contacts is nothing new. Neither is being able to select which fields to show. What is new, however, is that you can now include your employees’ Insights data (open rate, progress, one-on-one) into the report.
And because we know how much you love data, we added the option to add “last active date”. There’s no easier way to stay ahead!


Now you know
If you have any questions or want to learn more about our Academy templates, reach out to our Support or Customer Success team.

See you next month with another update from Actimo.
Stay safe!