Actimo Product Digest: December 2019

Welcome to 2020!

Another year lined up with exciting things to come. But before that, let’s make sure you’re all caught up with the latest highlights from our platform.

This month it’s all about the Message Composer. You know, that place where all the magic happens and you create amazing content.


Compose becomes Design

The first update is a small one, but with a big impact. We changed our header design and renamed ‘Compose’ into ‘Design’. No worries, things work exactly as you know from before, we just want to make sure to give you the space (and name it) for all the creative work that goes into composing engaging messages.


New Message Mode Layout

You probably noticed that we did some design upgrades to the Composer to make it more clean and easy to work with. One of the most visible ones is the new Message Mode: it’s bigger, it’s clearer and it guides the message setup. Just give it a title, select the mode, and use the modules — that’s how we create the best messages!


Click “Done” when done

Going from the Design (hint: check above) to the Publish page is the key step to get your message out to the right employees. And things just got a lot easier. When you’re done creating and editing your message, simply click on the ‘Done’ button at the right bottom of the page. This will take you directly to the Publish area and you can share your message with your teams.


In case you’re still looking for the right New Year’s Resolutions to kick off 2020 in the best way, we have the answer for you in one of our latest blog posts: The Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Engage your Employees in 2020. Finally a list of resolutions you will be able to keep (even if you skip the gym)!


Check out the blogpost here!


Now you know

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to our Support or Customer Success.

Enjoy your October and see you next month with another update.
Spoiler Alert: we introduce new ways to log in!