Actimo Product Digest: November 2019

Welcome to our November Product Digest!

The days are getting shorter and before we all leave for our well-deserved Christmas vacation, here is another update from the Actimo team and what we’ve been working on over the last couple of weeks.


New Design for Workspaces

Navigating between workspaces just got a lot easier. Workspaces are now accessible with a dropdown menu on the top right corner. They are also put in alphabetical order and you can use the search bar to find them more quickly.


Sorting Your Feed by Published Date

When you have new employees starting you want to give them access to all previous messages, even if they were published some time ago. To make sure recent published messages make it to the top, you can now use the “First published date” as a new sorting option for your news feed.


Message Preview Mode

Checking the look & feel of your message before sending it out is a clear task for our Preview button. With our latest update and the newly designed Test Mode (easily recognisable by the yellow footer) you can click around in your message and be sure no data is collected.


And before we let you go back to your desk, make sure to check out our Actimo Big Product Launch 2019. You missed it? No Problem! Take a look at our Blog to see what it is all about (spoiler: get ready to boost your employee engagement by letting your employees connect directly and get notifications in real time).


Check out the blogpost here!


Now you know

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to our Support or Customer Success.

Enjoy your October and see you next month with another update.
Spoiler Alert: we introduce new ways to log in!