Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions to Engage Your Employees in 2020

Another year has sped by faster than we thought, and here we are again, assessing what we would like to change as we enter into the New Year. Except this New Year is more special than the last 9 years; it is a new decade. Yes, we said new decade, big deal.

Have you been Googling inspiration for your New Year’s resolution? Searching for all the ways to become better in 2020? We have some powerful resolution ideas to take you and your company to the next level of growth.

We gathered some Actimo brains together and put together a list of habits you can start or stop doing to make you a stronger leader and in return, empower your employees and increase employee engagement.

1. Stop micro-managing

Micro-managing is unproductive and makes your employees feel as if you do not trust them. This was statistically proven in a report by Career Addict that revealed 79% of their respondents had been micro-managed and therefore 69% of them considered leaving the company and overall, 85% felt lowered morale. Do not let this be true at your company and instead start having a conversation with your employees on their prefered style of management so you can set clear expectations together. Your role is to manage expectations, not tasks so it becomes of utmost importance to invest in reliable structures and tools to empower self-management in your employees.

2. Stop yearly questionnaires

Yearly check-ins no longer work in commonday agile and ever-changing work environments because we require continual reassessment and pivoting of goals. Take the pulse more frequently with monthly check-ins to build rapport, stay up to date on how your employees are feeling, and see how you can empower them in their role. Setting this time aside will prevent you from being blindsided by built-up concerns and reduce turnover.

3. Stop paper guides

In terms of quick and coordinated communication, print is dead. Not only that, but it is costly and locks your words into place, without the ease of making edits as quickly as needed. Going digital allows you to adapt your written material easily, freely, and with minimal effort. Start communicating information digitally to increase your reach and make it simple for your employees to share content amongst themselves.

4. Stop penalising

Remember the joy of receiving a golden star sticker in first grade when you were behaving well? Psychology recognizes that this act of positive reinforcement is the most effective way to teach a new behavior and have a desired action be repeated. When your employees diligently meet or exceed their expectations, reward them with positive reinforcement (i.e. verbal recognition). Penalising is not effective because it does not lead to a wanted behavior, instead start using small acts of reward and recognition.

5. Stop obsessing over small mistakes

Small mistakes may be stealing more of your energy than you should allow them to and are not worth your time. One study showed that participants who were ruminating over the same thought were less likely to take action in solving the problem at hand. To overcome the thought obsession, prioritize your tasks and do your best to distinguish the insignificance in tiny mistakes. Do your best to identify that you are looping a thought and instead shift your focus to problems you have the opportunity to solve.

6. Start bringing your team together

Face-to-face interactions are important because they build trust, loyalty and engage your employees. Setting social gatherings helps you build community and create a stronger company culture. Most importantly, they help bridge the hierarchical gaps between upper management and frontline employees by connecting outside the work context. Overall, engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the organization they work for, so have a little fun together!

7. Start investing in the growth of your employees

Don’t underestimate the power of investing in your employees. A study done by IBM revealed that when employees feel they are not developing in a company, they are 12 times more likely to leave the organization. The manager’s intention should be to facilitate a work environment of growth, pass on the teachings of their knowledge, and make sure there is clear communication of the employee’s projected growth.

8. Start showing consistent appreciation

One simple way of showing appreciation is saying, “thank you for X” and a great starting point to begin a consistent habit of acknowledgement. When done continuously, it helps cultivate a stronger relationship between managers and frontline employees. Research shows that when employees recognize other team members, they experience a 33% increase in innovation and a 22% increase in work results. Overall, consistent appreciation offers a positive affirmation and reassures the employee they are doing a good job.

9. Start to let go of control

It may not be the easiest to do when you are deeply invested and passionate about your company’s mission, but releasing control empowers employees to show initiative. Start to relinquish control by delegating tasks to employees and trusting you have trained them well. Have faith that they can be self-sufficient and keep an open-door policy so they can come to you if they hit a roadblock.

10. Start celebrating small victories

“Success is a series of small wins.” It is important to bring attention to the seemingly small achievements because that leads to increased motivation and engagement. Start celebrating small victories by drawing attention to them— when an employee succeeds, publicly showcase the win which will also encourage other employees to strive for their own successes. Overall, this will help create a culture of grit and perseverance.

We believe you can make 2020 your most productive and engaged year yet! 🎉

Take the time to assess how you would like to improve and set a clear intention of becoming a better leader, better friend and better partner. Start your year off by implementing these resolutions and invest in your actions to guide you and your company to accomplish more.

Cheers to a fresh new decade, may it bring great success and growth. Happy New Year from our Actimo family to yours!