Actimo Pitch #1: The Internal Communication Rap

Would every Coca Cola employee in the world quickly be able to explain what they sell? Probably. As a startup with many new employees and a product that is always expanding, it’s not always that simple to explain what we really offer in terms of features, values, and benefits.

As part of an internal training project #ActimoPitch was born to help us all better understand our own value propositions.

One of the more creative submissions came from talented Daniel Meza, our CEO from Actimo America. We hope you will enjoy 🎤🎶.



Getting everyone onboard

As mentioned EVERYONE in Actimo participated and a LOT of really funny, creative, and impressive pitches surfaced. All employees posted their video on our Social Wall (part of the Actimo platform) and tons of engagement and fun was had. Below you can view a quick screen capture of all submissions. P.S. you might just spot a Santa.



Round 2?

It is vital for us to take our own medicine and take every opinion and creative input into consideration. As the product and company grows we might just do this again. Stay tuned for more and if Social Wall sounds interesting please reach out to our team to hear more.