Actimo Product Digest: August 2019

Do you want to know what our team has been up to? Or do you just like to browse and see what’s new in Actimo?

Then you’ll love this: we’re launching Actimo Product Digest.

We’ll release this monthly newsletter series at the beginning of each month to share our top picks and recap on our latest and coolest features in Actimo.

So, let’s get started.


Advanced Search for Contacts and Groups

The one thing we don’t like to spend a lot of time on is searching for answers; or in our case searching for a specific contact or group in Actimo. Our new advanced search enables you to filter by specific fields, such as department (e.g. Marketing), location (e.g. London) or manager’s name.

Duplicate Modules in Message Composer

If you ever wanted to reuse the same layout for different sections within a message, your life just got a lot easier! With our new release, you can now duplicate modules in the message composer, such as text, image, video and grid.

This will save you plenty of time, make your messages look more consistent … and of course you can simply drag&drop to re-arrange.

New Look for Publish Page

Publishing your messages in Actimo is probably one of the biggest steps, especially when the number of recipients hits three digits. We used the hot summer weeks to redesign our Publish page.

It now comes with a clearer structure, more understandable wording and you now have the option to publish your message also via push notification. Wait, push notification? Yes! Stay tuned, we’re preparing something big 🤩

Full-screen App View

With all the flexibility of a web app, we understand that you want to give your employees an app that doesn’t look like a website. So, we did some magic and changed the app view. When you save the web app to your home screen of your phone, your Actimo app will be shown as full-screen: no URL header, no navigation bar.

Quick Tip:

If you like to swipe, you can now do a right-swipe to go back to the previous page in your app.


Now you know

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to our Support or Customer Success.

See you next month with a fresh update on our product
and more cool features!