An Impactful Year Wrap-up With Our CEO, Eske Gunge

The Christmas spirit is in the air, the Glögg is flowing, and just before everyone left the office, we were lucky enough to catch our CEO, Eske Gunge, for a year wrap-up interview of 2019.

If this peaks your curiosity, and you would like to learn more about all the growth with our customers, partners and team, read the full-length interview below.

How have you seen the needs of the market shift in 2019?

Overall, The HR Tech space is really maturing, and the market leading organisations and companies have taken to heart and understand that you need to invest in engaging employees.

To deliver this employee engagement, companies are moving from an era of HR Systems into an era of HR Platforms, where the employee experience becomes centralized and tools like Employee Apps are necessary.

How does Actimo play a role in increasing employee engagement?

Actimo contributes by delivering this employee experience with an Employee App that makes Communication, Training and Leadership Engaging for Non-desk employees.

The market shift of course makes us really happy, because our company aligns with the belief that you need to invest in engagement, because engagement is the key to employee happiness and productivity.

What are you most proud of Actimo in 2019?

From our perspective, 2019 will be remembered for many significant and impactful milestones for which we thank our incredible customers and Actimonians. This year, our customers employee apps performed better than ever, with record breaking activation results, and awesome outcomes within Communication, Training and Leadership. We also had a Big Product Launch with our new Native App and Expanded Social Communication & Collaboration as well as rolled out the Federated Logins for a more seamless login process.

In addition, our team grew with 14 new Actimonians this year which helped us increase our Customer Base by more than 50% and welcome some great global brands to the Actimo Family within Facility Management, Hospitality and Transportation. We also expanded around the globe to offices in 6 countries to better support our customers.

What memory of the year stands out the most?

We had our first customer Actimeetup this year where 100+ customers attended and we had the opportunity to share best practices from our leading Actimo users. We plan to host another event like this, but even better in 2020, so stay tuned!

Overall, it was a remarkable year, full of learnings and growth. We would not be here without our incredible customers and we very much look forward to 2020 together with you!

We wish you a joyful and engaging New Year! 🎉