Customer Stories

Igniting Employee Engagement Worldwide

Industry-leading companies use Actimo to ignite employee engagement.
Compass Group
How a leading provider of facility management services has used Actimo to reach their remote workforce and increase their employee engagement.
How a bakery chain experiences the kickoff workshop with our Actimo Customer Success team as an exciting first step of their onboarding.
Max Hamburger - Thomas Byfoged
How a fast-food restaurant has created a successful on-boarding program for new employees and reduced their staff turnover with effective on-the-job training.
Danske Bank - Michael Just Hansen
How do you build excitement and knowledge about new products in a scattered workforce? For Danske Bank, one of the largest banks in the Nordics, the answer was Actimo.
3 Denmark - Lasse Schneider
How a telecommunications company has broken down communication silos between employees and headquarters through timely communication.
Sanofi Genzyme- Annette Jardine
How a pharmaceutical company gets their medical researchers and commercial teams up to speed with the latest medical research.
Skånes Djurpark - Glenn André Viste Bøe
How the largest Nordic animal park delivers a first-rate guest experience by connecting with their entire staff.
BoConcept - Thomas Larsen
How do you efficiently communicate with and train employees in 300+ locations across 65 countries in multiple languages?
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