Connecting and Empowering
a Non-desk Workforce

Learn how The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan enables transparency and employee-sharing, to drive engagement and a united organizational culture.

Connecting and Empowering a Non-desk Workforce Employee Engagement

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The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan is a top food manufacturing company specializing in personalized diet plans. From the United Kingdom to the world, they offer nutritionally-complete meal replacement diet products, paired with one-to-one support.

Key Wins

An award-winning, employee-owned company, The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan supports thousands of people worldwide on their journey to look and feel their best. They attribute their success to their Product, Plan and, especially, their People. Indeed, to ensure their highly-valued employees are empowered, and connected to their employer and team members, The 1:1 Diet joined forces with Actimo.


91% activation rate of their Actimo employee app

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56% in communication open rates, amongst a workforce largely without access to email.

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The 1:1 Diet is encouraging employee-sharing. 80% of employees on their app are active on their Social Wall.

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More resources from HR and Food Safety, and content to drive a fun, united culture, are coming soon on their Actimo app.

A communication solution
that brings everyone together

Reaching all workers at The 1:1 Diet headquarters has had its challenges. Employees on site, referred to as Stakeholders, are dispersed in either the Warehouse, Manufacturing, or the Office (partly remote because of the pandemic). Not all of them have access to email.

Rebekah Smith, Internal Communications Coordinator at The 1:1 Diet, details how they have managed to bridge information gaps amongst their non-desk workforce.

We were looking for a way to bring everyone together, so that everyone had an equal sight of everything that was being sent out, and did not miss anything.”

Rebekah Smith, Internal Communications Coordinator on why they chose Actimo

A decision was made in an effort to include and empower all employees with important company information and motivating content.

“Actimo just slotted in place perfectly for us at the right time,” says Rebekah.

“Plus, with the pandemic hitting, we were needing to do things faster. Having the option there for emergency comms [in Actimo] was more stable and functionable for the business going forward, with people working remotely and being in different positions across the country”. 

Only a month after launching The 1:1 Diet employee app by Actimo, 85% of their workforce had already downloaded it on their phones. At the time this story is being written, monthly activation is at 91%!

Using Actimo to build connections
and break down barriers

Besides reaching employees for news and updates, Rebekah shares that two-way communication and feedback on Actimo has been a favorite across the business.

Employees at The 1:1 Diet now have a platform that empowers them to use their voice, and have appreciated the ability to feel closer to their colleagues on their app’s internal Social Wall. Some team members choose to post and comment actively, while others Like content or just view posts from the sidelines. Over 80% of employees with the app have been recently active on the internal Social Wall.

“Especially with how the world is at the minute, where we’re all constantly on video calls or not able to connect with each other as we would normally do, … with Actimo you can still have connection, which is really lovely.”

Rebekah Smith, Internal Communications Coordinator
The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan

Digital celebration and acknowledgement of personal and professional achievements has been made possible. At the 1:1 Diet, people have congratulated the Stakeholder (Employee) of the Month for example, all from their app. Confidence has grown, shyness has dissipated, and closer relationships are being built amongst the workforce. With profile pictures and job titles now accessible, people can put faces to names, by remembering what some Liked or shared on the Social Wall. 

Rebekah comments on how internal communication, both digital and in-person, has changed with Actimo. “You can now understand and know people you wouldn’t normally know. … It just breaks down barriers.”

Employee engagement metrics
and content for the win

The 1:1 Diet employee app has also become a hub with company resources and a vehicle to drive engaging activities. Thereby, connecting employees with their employer, and company matters.

Employees have been checking out product launches, and even resources like their Company Handbook, now on-demand. Yet, lighter and fun app content, i.e. a Christmas Calendar, an April Fool’s Quiz, or Easter Giveaway, has had sky-high engagement for employees with responsibilities in the Warehouse, Factory and Office alike.

In turn, Rebekah shares that their internal communications strategy has been tweaked to include more content aimed at community-building and driving culture. In fact, many employees are participating in a 
Steps Challenge,

 announced on their app.

Striving for a balance between publishing work-related and lighter content has paid off. Internal communication open rates have been consistently between 50-60%
; a high result considering a large part of their workforce do not have or use email.

When discussing future content and initiatives, Rebekah says that more resources coming from HR, and Food Safety will soon be packaged bite-sized and ready-to-consume on the The 1:1 Diet employee app. Taking advantage of video, to make their business information even more engaging, is also underway.

“I can just see it getting bigger and bigger,” concludes Rebekah with a smile.

“Constantly, people are coming to me to say “Can we put this on the app?” or “Can we find a way to message this via the app?” Going forward it’s just about finding the best ways to showcase that content and make it [even more] accessible for people.”

Rebekah Smith, Internal Communications Coordinator
The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan

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