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Learn how EET has been supporting and inspiring their Sales employees all over Europe to succeed.

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EET Group is a value-adding niche IT distributor, providing suppliers and customers with expert industry knowledge, intelligent logistics solutions, unique sales service, and smart marketing tools. They operate in 24 markets across Europe, carry over 1,100 brands, and serve more than 30,000 buying customers annually.

Originally serving the Nordic region, EET has grown to be one of the largest IT distributors in Europe. Looking back, they credit a successful acquisitions strategy and a strong belief in, and care for, their people for adapting and winning big. Recently, they partnered with Actimo to upgrade their Sales team’s employee experience and performance, aiming to continue to offer deep know-how and the support they are known for.

Key wins

87% open rate on internal communication to inspire Sales success.

Sales excellence training is more organized, comprehensive, and engaging for learners.

photo video solid

Video sharing of best practices across markets has been introduced and has been widely accepted by the workforce.

A new communication strategy
for the Sales department

The need for better corporate communication for EET’s dynamic Sales team was prevalent. Emails packed with information were too many, too frequent, and coming from all over the place, explains Pernille Rønne, Sales Excellence Specialist at EET.

“We wanted to gather this information for Sales in one place, where they could have processes and product information that is easy to find while at meetings or working remotely.”

Pernille Rønne - Sales Excellence Specialist at EET Group

Given their dispersed operations, a world-renowned consulting company recommended they work with Actimo to more effectively reach team members with relevant communications. After initial conversations, management at EET learned about the broader potential of the mobile solution.

Soon after, their “SALES ON-THE-GO” employee app powered by Actimo was born.

Video sales training for excellence

Getting employees’ attention with notifications on important updates and new processes was only the tip of the iceberg. The SALES-ON-THE-GO app quickly evolved to drive a greater part of their employee experience. 

Currently, the app is the main channel for the training and development of the Sales team dispersed across more than 20 countries in Europe

First, new team members are welcomed with a short employee onboarding message. This is followed by an influx of important guiding messages (many of these in video format) to learn the ropes and stay informed as a member of EET’s Sales team. All accessible from their mobile phone. 

Video is at the center of their L&D strategy!

Upon opening their app, employees can search and find comprehensive videos on how to take advantage of their CRM system. Employees can also browse and engage with content from supporting units such as Product Management. 

Specifically, many have actually been asking questions and commenting on explanatory videos on products and sales campaigns, for instance. This type of engaging training is something that wasn’t as easy before, indicates their Sales Excellence Specialist.

Inspiring, best practice sharing
across markets

Actimo employee app best practice sharing

In the journey towards introducing video to truly get to Sales employees, Pernille has found that, “when someone has done something good, they typically want to share it.” Now, in addition to employee training content, the SALES-ON-THE-GO app also contains best practice videos. And these are quite popular amongst the workforce.

“Before the app, we didn't share best practices across all countries. If you ask me, that’s the best part of everything: people being able to share information, and them wanting to share information.”

Pernille Rønne - Sales Excellence Specialist at EET Group

When someone in France is doing something great for example, it may be found inspiring enough to be replicated in the UK, says Pernille.  This video sharing spans not only geographical borders but organizational levels. “[Best practice sharing] had only been done within the managerial level, but right now, we’re all the way down to the specific salesperson that sees these.” 

The Sales Excellence Specialist shares that the most popular content on the app seems the most human or casual. The videos of leaders speaking, created on the go, or that fit with the company culture have the most overall engagement. However, it is best practice content that has the most comments!

Leadership favorites and a future with
broader organizational impact

As the main person leading day-to-day digital efforts for more efficient Sales communication and training, Pernille shares that one of their favorite things on Actimo has been the analytics. She can clearly see who has seen what, and how they’ve engaged with the content. This, with the purpose of boosting sales excellence, performance, and productivity.

Plus, she is also a fan of how easy it is to communicate while being inclusive of employees’ preferences for learning and content-consumption. From simple text, to PDFs, to videos and quizzes, this Sales Excellence Specialist expresses, “it’s pretty straightforward. You don’t need a crazy guide to create a message … It’s great!”

In addition to sharing sales processes, a sales positioning map, and employee training videos, recently, EET added the company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria to the SALES-ON-THE-GO app. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 15.28.11

Going forward, even more content will continue to be added!

Indeed, Pernille believes that EET’s employee app could even include more than just the Sales team in the future. She could see it being a tool of high value for other departments within this IT distribution leader.

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