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Learn how Lagkagehuset is building upon their culture and creating a successful, consistent business worldwide through employee engagement.

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Lagkagehuset is a world-renowned, premium Danish bakery with a commitment to quality, good raw materials and excellent customer service. They have over 90 locations in Denmark, and also a strong presence in the UK and US under the name Ole & Steen.

Key Wins

Since their humble beginnings in the 90s, Lagkagehuset has been proudly spreading Danish baking traditions and offering high quality at every one of their locations. Coffee, specialty drinks and other exquisite food items are now also on the menu. Yet, what stands out the most is their passion. “We are passionate about products, and we are passionate about people, '' says Lagkagehuset’s CEO. Teaming up with a passionate team, like the one at Actimo, made sense for them.

Their Actimo app was ready to go for crisis communication during Covid, and employee onboarding during growth.

users solid

Internal social engagement has been sky-high! About 6,000 posts have been shared by employees on their internal Social Wall.

Over 50% initial employee response rate for engagement surveys sent through Actimo. eNPS scores have been growing!

Coming soon: Lagkagehuset will cultivate culture using engagement insights across international markets.

An easy-to-use solution,
and easy-to-work-with team

As a rapidly growing organization, Lagkagehuset started looking for a tool to achieve more consistency across their business. Sisse Baungård Thomsen, their Head of Learning and Development shares that they were keen to find a solution where new hires and experienced ones alike could easily find company information. Now, over a year after having their branded Actimo employee app “LUNI”, for Lagkagehuset Universe, she tells us what stood out about our employee engagement platform. 

Engaged employee at Lagkagehuset

“We chose Actimo because we liked that both the front-end [employee app] and the back-end [Actimo platform] were very simple to use, and the front-end, especially, was very agile. It was easy to make it fit to Lagkagehuset, so that you feel part of the organization joining the app. That was very important to us.”

Sisse Baungård Thomsen - Group Head of Learning and Development at Lagkagehuset

Sisse and her team were able to fully customize the app’s look and feel, so it integrated into the Lagkagehuset employee experience. Plus, they have expressed that easy editing and internal content creation has come in handy, especially given that they have multiple content editors; almost one for each department. Finally, they appreciated that our teams’ drive and company values align with theirs. “To us, it’s not just a platform, it’s a partnership, and we feel like we have that with Actimo,” says Sisse.

Creating consistency throughout
business growth and global crisis

For the last couple of years Lagkagehuset has been experiencing massive growth. This has exacerbated their need for creating consistency and ensuring their company culture is something all workers get to experience. Over the past year, they have collaborated with Actimo to drive efforts in remote internal communication, onboarding and training.  

These have paid off.  

“More employees know what the purpose of Lagkagehuset is, what’s expected of them, and I feel they are giving better store experiences for the customers.” shares their Head of Learning and Development, Sisse. 

With growth, came opportunities for expansion and the premium Danish bakery chain opened stores in the US and UK. Today, they have over 3,000 employees across the three markets.  They launched their mobile employee engagement platform successfully internationally with the same name “LUNI”. Even

though markets outside Denmark operate under the name Ole & Steen, they decided to keep the same name. Thus, creating more synergy while driving engagement efforts to cultivate culture. 

Nevertheless, things slowed down for the world last year. At the beginning of the pandemic, from one day to another, Lagkagehuset, like most food and beverage retailers, had to operate completely differently. 

Their Head of Learning and Development shares that “it was great timing” to have the LUNI app already ready to go. They were able to communicate with staff in real-time about changes in processes based on Covid restrictions. They found that employees valued any information about what they needed to do when they went to work. Indeed, engagement and activity levels on their Actimo platform were especially high in this time of crisis!

Social engagement that builds upon organizational culture

Building community within the company has helped Lagkagehuset cultivate their culture and engagement.

Sisse explains that their locations in Denmark in particular, have a very social culture. Colleagues seem to genuinely enjoy connecting with each other. With this in mind, the Lagkagehuset Universe app was launched around the Social Wall feature on Actimo.

The Social Wall is sort of the icing on the cake. We really love that part of Actimo. I think this is what keeps us all connected. … When you are able to share stuff, both the great and the difficult things, you feel that you are a part of a big community and that’s really been helping motivation.”

Sisse Baungård Thomsen, Group Head of L&D Lagkagehuset

Baungård Thomsen explains that they branded their inclusive Social Wall as  “Love and Karma,  which goes along with the “feel” of working as a store employee, baker or confectioner at Lagkagehuset. They also have a specific Social Wall called “Coffee Karma” for store employees, where people share images and videos about their cool creations and experiences on-the-job.

This premium bakery has found success in using employee ambassadors to spark engagement on the Social Wall. These people are encouraged to start initial conversations, Soon enough people joined the sharing! Today, Lagkagehuset has all-time Social Wall activation of around 79% of employees, 5,772 posts, 38,688 Likes, and 6,183 comments.“As we grow and get way more people as a big organization, we feel it’s important to keep cultivating that social engagement,” states Sisse.

Understanding and engaging employees across markets

Moving forward, Lagkagehuset is planning to share more similar training and communication across their international markets. This with the purpose of maintaining their employee experience and customer experience consistent throughout.

In addition to using Actimo as a tool for employee communication, onboarding and training, Lagkagehuset has recently started exploring engagement surveys on the LUNI app. In particular, they have been sending out eNPS surveys, to find out how their workforce feels about being a part of their organization. 

Sisse shares they had a great response rate from the get-go; over 50% of their employees answered the first engagement survey! Plus, people’s perceptions of the company have been steadily improving. She tells us “..the eNPS results are growing every month, and that’s really really great numbers to be able to follow”. Management is using insights to cultivate culture and drive efforts to increase employee engagement in every market.

“We want to use more [of the app] for performance reviews and feedback for leaders too. Looking into the future, a lot of exciting stuff is coming”, concludes Sisse. 

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