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Learn how Mazda México has used their Actimo employee engagement app to improve communication and connection within its organization.

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Mazda México is a top vehicle distribution company with over 62 locations across Mexico. As a part of Mazda Motor Corporation, Mazda México shares the tradition and passion for innovation. 

Key Wins

Currently, Mazda México uses their Actimo app, called Mazda Network, to improve communication with the Executive team and the Marketing, Sales, Service, Legal, Finance, and Hospitality departments.

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Connection between areas and departments

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Immediate communication with the entire organization

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Snackable and easy-to-construct messages and information

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Actionable insights on employee engagement

An efficient and more immediate communication

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Before using Actimo, Mazda México used email as their main form of communication. They found this method to be complex given their high staff turnover; it was difficult to update mailing lists, and information did not always reach everyone it was intended for. Indeed, they often sent newsletters to all area Directors and the Presidency. Yet, important details on them did not manage to reach many people throughout the organization.

Mazda México has relied on Actimo to achieve easy and efficient communication with employees in all departments. Certainly, having this tool to support internal communication has allowed important news to reach all app users immediately and directly.

Easy to understand, eye-catching messages

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Newsletters and emails can be overloaded with text and this top vehicle distribution company noticed these were too frequently ignored or unread. For this reason, they chose Actimo to send messages where information is packaged as snackable, or a condensed, attractive and easy-to-process format. Using videos and images to convey information and having progress checks on Actimo app, Mazda México has been able to truly reach employees and reinforce important messages.

Communication insights

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Moreover, communicating through their Actimo app has also allowed Mazda México to keep track of who is receiving what information, and how employees engage with it. With Actimo, leaders have been able to share interactive content, including videos, quizzes, and surveys, while assessing whether employees are understanding and reviewing it. Through Actimo’s analytics, they can access detailed information about who has already looked at the content and precisely how employees are engaging with it. Additionally, it allows for two-way communication where collaborators can leave their comments and opinions.

"Actimo is a platform that has helped us solve communication problems we had with our distributor network. It has helped us get closer, have direct feedback from them, and has also allowed team members to express their love for the brand."

Isabel de la Parra - Marketing Manager at Mazda México

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