Measure and improve engagement

Empower employees and managers with actionable insights from pulse surveys and real-time ratings to improve employee lifetime value and drive change in your organization.

Drive change with data

Swap time-consuming annual appraisals for bite-sized pulse surveys that give you a real-time snapshot of employee sentiment every step of the journey.

  • Categorize content into sections for easy visualization
  • Control intervals and pause when needed
  • Build trust and increase engagement with anonymous feedback

Facilitate dialogue

Fuel top-performing teams by dynamically assessing behavior and engagement. Scores are visible to each employee to lead with transparency and give everyone the 1:1 attention they expect.

  • Fully customise rating parameters
  • Visualize employee performance and potential
  • Receive automatic rating notifications
Customer story

Our business has stepped into the future thanks to Actimo. These days it's how our employees expect to be communicated with.

Annette Jardine, Head of Business Operations

Track progress in real time

Keep your finger on the pulse with unparalleled insights that enable you to impact employee performance, align KPIs, predict development, and turn data into action and timely feedback.

  • Easy access to all scores
  • Segment results to get deeper insights
  • Map employee performance over time
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