The Power of Beautiful (and Free) Images in Employee Engagement

Why and how to use Unsplash within Actimo to create engaging content for effective employee communication and training.
Actimo + Unsplash Free Images to Engage Employees

Use images to engage dispersed or remote teams! No budget for Stock photos? No problem. Creating visually appealing internal communication content can be fast, easy, and not break the bank. Keep reading to discover how to create more efficiently.

The power of visuals in employee communication

Our brains love visual information. MIT reports that the human brain can process entire images in just 13 milliseconds — the first evidence of such rapid processing speed.

Do not get us wrong; what you say and write is of great importance. Yet, keep in mind people, especially the non-desk workforce who are constantly on-the-go, appreciate content that is easy to consume.

Furthermore, there is evidence of increased attention and interaction on digital posts, news, or updates that contain images. For instance, a study on what makes content viral by The Huffington Post found that having at least one image in a Facebook or Twitter post, means significantly more shares. This correlates with our team’s and partners’ experience on their Actimo employee app; information paired with attractive visuals has more engagement.

In this day and age, images certainly help capture attention and convey a message. Examples of their positive impact in marketing for products and services, and academics, abound. Yet, the power of visuals bleeds into employee management as well. Using beautiful images can also drive remote engagement results for internal marketing, employee communication, onboarding and training.

Engaging content helps engage employees, wherever they are.

Including images in employee communication can help:

  • Spark interest.
  • Increase understanding.
  • Reinforce a message and help with recall.
  • Humanize the employer brand, and build connections.

Learn more about positive responses to visual content, including images, but also videos.

Actimo x Unsplash.

What is Unsplash?

Unsplash is one of the largest, most powerful photo engines in the world powered by a community of over 200,0000 global contributors. Browse their image library of over 2 million FREE, high-resolution photos of just about anything and everything.

Introducing Unsplash integration into Actimo.

In an era of information overload, your employee communication needs that extra edge. Do not settle for boring photos, or worse, no photos at all. No need to download, pay, or wait for external authorization to add visuals. Take advantage of the integrated, free photo library for high-quality internal content creation, all from your Actimo app. Browse, select, and put to use in seconds with Unsplash.

How to use Unsplash in your Actimo employee app.

Engage your remote workforce with this new integration:

  1. From our content composer, add a new image module
  2. Choose the “Select from free pictures” option
  3. Browse amongst Unsplash pictures directly from our platform

Find out all you need to know about our image module here.

Visually appealing content breeds engagement. Make efficient use of your time and money by upgrading your internal communication content creation with high-quality photos. Beautiful images to engage employees are a must!

In your effort for efficient content creation, check out our Internal Communication Calendar Template. This free resource can help you and plan content ahead, and set objectives for employee communications.

If you have any questions about our new features available in Actimo app, reach out to our Support. If you are not part of the Actimo family yet, book a free demo.

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