How to Understand and Engage Employees. Check that Pulse!

Find out how your employees are doing and act on it with these best practices on Employee Pulse Surveys.
Engage employees, employee pulse, check that pulse

Wondering how your employees are doing, and what you can do as a leader to ensure they are well and ready to perform? You are in the right place. The answer you are looking for can be summarized into: Check employee pulse! In other words, effectively measure employee engagement. Doing so can provide insights to better lead teams, and drive organizational performance.

What is employee engagement though? How can leaders measure it? And what can and should be done with engagement results?

The Actimo team recently hosted a webinar addressing these questions. Read on for a recap of their presentation, with insights on the value of checking “pulse”, tools to do so, and ways to boost remote employee engagement.
Watch the full webinar, here.

What is employee engagement?

Let’s take a look at Gallup’s definition of the term. They define engaged employees as those who are “involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.” The concept is important because highly engaged employees have a positive impact on productivity, profitability, turnover, well-being and other outcomes. With a pulse on employee engagement, you would be able to contribute to these outcomes.

Enter Employee Pulse Surveys.

Find out where engagement levels lie at your organization with Employee Pulse Surveys. Webinar attendees were treated to recommendations to set these up and use them to understand and engage employees.

Here are the must-know, best practices regarding employee pulse surveys:

  • Turn up the frequency.

Engagement check-ins with your non-desk workforce should be carried out continuously. Once a year is not enough. In this way, leaders will be able to capture a more accurate picture, one more valuable in decision-making to increase engagement and achieve goals. Set up your employee pulse survey, select the frequency, and let it run automatically. Send it weekly, monthly or quarterly, for instance. It can be effortless!

  • Ask relevant questions.

Understanding your organization’s engagement levels requires precise questions, relevant to employees’ performance needs. We have found inspiration in the 12 survey questions by Gallup for positive outcomes and greater organizational success. Indeed, this template questionnaire is ready-to-send and receive by your team on their employee app. Additionally, you could have custom free response questions, and also evaluate the Employee Net Promoter Score by asking “How likely are you to recommend your employer to a friend?”

  • Expect and use employee engagement insights.

Analyze and act upon employee pulse survey results! Expect actionable insights for both team managers, and company leaders. You can empower local managers with results averaged and sorted into recognizable categories for them to overview their team engagement levels. Plus, they can also see the progression of their team’s employee pulse over time. Encourage them to take action when necessary; for example, if results suggest team members need support, develop well-being initiatives.
On the other hand, company leaders and administrators can get access to the full overview of engagement levels, both on a local and more macro level (team, department, country, region). Use these insights to drive your organization and workforce towards achieving business goals! Learn more.

  • Ensure internal surveys are easy and simple.

Lastly, an employee pulse survey should be easy to set-up and simple to respond to. Indeed, quickly create a powerful survey with a template questionnaire, and add your own questions if you would like. With Actimo, you only have to set up the survey once, and it is automatically the entire workforce or specific teams you choose. Employees get to experience a mobile survey that is nice to look at and intuitive to complete as well. Here’s a sneak peak.

Now you know our secret to measuring and driving remote employee engagement. Be in-the-know about how employees are feeling and doing, wherever they are. Be ready to take on boosting engagement within your organization.

Go on, check that pulse!

Watch the full webinar on Employee Pulse Surveys, here. You can also get on-demand access to all Actimo webinars.



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