The next-level employee app for remote employees

Fuelled by actionable insights, Actimo intuitively increases productivity and engagement levels in daily communication, tasks, and training.

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Trusted by 200+ leading brands to reach and engage 1M+ employees in 80+ countries​


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Communicate with your non-desk workers, effectively and easily

Easily send important news and daily updates to your employees and let them be a part of the conversation.

  • Reach your employees in seconds via their mobile phone App
  • Let your employees connect & engage with colleagues in social groups
  • Listen to your employees through easy surveys and feedback tools

Take decisions with easy-to-understand data

Create onboarding flows, e-learnings, and guides that intuitively and flexibly pair with employees’ schedules so they have the right skills to perform.

  • Train and onboard effectively with engaging learning paths
  • Provide engaging guides and information with easy search
  • Enable discussions to inspire, share and engage productivity

Take decisions with easy-to-understand data

Track, motivate, and improve across all hierarchy levels through real-time performance insights from communication, training, and leadership efforts.

  • Drive individual employee engagement with personal insights
  • Encourage managers to grow as leaders through our team tracking app
  • Report on organization-wide performance data and compare across locations and departments in seconds

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Why Actimo

Since 2012, Actimo is digitizing internal communication, onboarding, and employee training through its employee app for remote workers. Enterprise communication is rapidly changing and requires new platforms to communicate effectively.

We help leading international organizations in industries such as Facility Management, Retail, Hospitality, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing, Construction, and Health Services improve their employee engagement and productivity by providing an intuitive and insightful employee engagement platform to boost their employee communication and e-learning for their non-desk employees.

Unlike traditional LMS, isolated onboarding software, or complex onboarding platforms, Actimo offers an easy-to-use mobile onboarding app that is integrated with corporate communications and specifically designed for the needs of non-desk workers.

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Actimo is the modern, next-level intranet app for remote employees.
Actimo Provides real-time insights to help corporate managers in HR, Internal Communications, Operations, Training & Development roles, as well as local managers and employees, track their performance related to their onboarding and training and measure employee communication and employee engagement anytime.

We aim at helping companies and managers with their day-to-day leadership and improve their onboarding, employee training, and international communication efforts for their teams by combining all tasks and needs related to the remote, non-desk workforce in one customizable, branded employee app.

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