Actimo Product Digest

April 2021

Image Module

Our image module now has a new, user-friendly and simple flow that will enable you to create content faster and have a better user experience, to ultimately empower you to engage your employees even more.

The image module can now act as a “placeholder” in a message so that editors can leave the module empty as part of a template – and later come back to add in an image.

In this way, you can get a feel for the image placement, and the look and feel of your messages, while still being able to customize or edit the photo inside the image module later on.

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to use our image module here.

Button Module

We’re enhancing your experience for creating calls-to-action in your employee app.

We’ve now made it a lot more intuitive to choose if your button should be text or image-based – and simplified the flow for editors to create either type of button.

Watch our video tutorial here.

Improved App Loading Experience

This month, we’ve enhanced our app performance even further by optimizing your app loading experience.

We know how important a fast and ‘snappy’ app is. That’s why we’ve been hard at work to optimize how content is loaded into the app.

The loading now happens more gradually, so that users can start seeing and interacting with content faster (instead of waiting for everything to load at once) – and we’ve added several placeholders, animations and more informative loading states, so that even users on slower connections will have a more transparent and fast experience.

This Month's Highlights

Actimo Backstage

Boost Your Employee Engagement NOW!

Watch our 4 minutes interview and learn how our upgrades on Image and CTA modules will enable our platform editors to drive employee engagement.

Customer STory

Mazda México

Learn how Mazda México has used their Actimo employee engagement app to improve communication and connection within its organization.

Actimo Channel

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Blog Article

Employee Experience Insights by Actimo

We conducted a research studying 4,900+ employees’ ideal remote work experience. Discover EX management essentials to drive next-generation employee engagement.

Now you know

If you have any questions about our new features available in Actimo app in April and after, reach out to our Support.

See you next month with another update from Actimo.
Stay safe!

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