Product Digest, March 2021

Product Digest, Actimo app in March, Employee Engagement, Employee App

What's New in Actimo

Likes & Comments

The fantastic functionality from liking and commenting in Social Wall is now also available in Actimo Messages!

Engaging with your content has never been easier for your employees, who can now comment, reply and upload media directly in their comments – all inside a message!

You can of course keep track of engagement from the message analytics. Learn all you need to know about this new feature in our helpdesk.

New likes and comments, likes, comments, Actimo app in March, employee app, employee app features

Automatic Image Size

employee app, employee app features, image size,

Your employees can now enjoy a better app experience thanks to our new way of working with images!

Moving forward, all the media you upload in our image module, grid module, and Actimo theme will be automatically resized to fit any of your employees’ devices and optimize the loading time of your app messages! Available in Actimo app in March and after.

Welcome your New Editors to Actimo

We created a new email to welcome new editors onto your Actimo platform! Next time you create a new Actimo user, he/she will receive an email inviting him/her to log on to the platform and to visit our helpdesk.

Find out more about how to create and handle your Actimo users here.

Employee app, Email feature

New Video Library

Actimo app in March, Employee app, Video Library

It is even easier to learn how to use Actimo! We created a new video library in our helpdesk that gathers all our video tutorials! 

The videos have been made by our training experts, and provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to use the different features on Actimo’s platform.

This Month's Highlights

Upcoming Event

Kahoot! WorkMeetup

Discover how to measure and improve employee engagement in a hybrid workplace! Register for free, and tune in to hear from thought leaders such as Dan Schawbel and influential brands, including Microsoft, Actimo, and Motimate on April 22 at 5 PM CEST/10 AM CDT/8 AM PDT.

Actimo Webinar

Employee Pulse Survey

Watch our latest Webinar on Employee Pulse Surveys: How to better understand your employees and boost remote engagement. You will learn how to best approach the topic of employee engagement surveys, which best practices you can apply and how you can get started tomorrow.

Customer Story

Andron Facilities Management

Learn how Andron Facilities Management has been caring for its people with a focus on employee experience; and its implications on differentiation and customer retention.

Blog Article

What is the impact of a good vs. bad employee onboarding process?

Discover how the quality of your employee onboarding can impact the bottom line and your organization could save with a better onboarding process with our onboarding cost calculator.

Now you know

If you have any questions about our new features available in Actimo app in March and after, reach out to our Support.

See you next month with another update from Actimo.
Stay safe!


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