Actimo Product Digest

May 2021

Employee Directory

This new feature is your company contact list at your employees fingertips. 

From the social icon in your app, your employees can find and connect with all their colleagues. See how it works here. Connecting with colleagues has never been easier for your employees!

Unsplash Integration

Now, when inserting an image in your Actimo platform, you will have access to Unsplash’s photo library of over 1 million stock images – just a simple search away.

Find all relevant information here.
We are empowering you as a content creator, so you can ramp up your employee engagement.

App Design Guide

Are you looking to take your app design to the next level? Then we have just the guide for you!

Our App Design Guide will take you through all you need to know to customize your app look and feel.

We also included templates for any design piece you might want to add in your app, from banner and your logo, to pictures and grid. You can download it here.

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 15.55.37


New, Redesigned Editor Experience

We are currently redesigning and simplifying our editor & admin experience, including a new platform look & feel, as well as navigation structure.
To ensure a great transition to all our editors, the changes will be released in several iterations, where we will communicate with you beforehand.
We’ll also provide you with the guides and tools you need to adapt to the changes.
We’re really excited to share more updates with you – stay tuned!

New feature: Auto-Translate

Our Auto Translate feature is on its way. It will enable your employees to automatically translate any text messages and social wall posts in their app in the language they choose.

If you are interested in this feature and want to join our beta program to get access to this feature before the official launch, contact us!

This Month's Highlights

Professional Services

How Actimo can help you reach your business goals

Are you looking to increase basket size, customer loyalty, or sales in general?

Don’t miss the video above, and learn how to reach next-level goals with our consultancy Excellence Program, and Professional Services for our customers! 

Actimo Feature

Measure your employee engagement

Looking to measure your employee engagement?

Find out more about Actimo engagement surveys, and empowers your local managers with their team feedback.


Social Wall Channels

Boost your employee engagement with our social wall templates.  This document has been designed with actionable solutions to take your social wall to the next level.

Blog Article

The Power Of Images

Discover the power of beautiful (and free) images. Why and how to use Unsplash within Actimo to create engaging content for effective employee communication and training.

Now you know

Further details about all our product updates in our helpdesk. If you have any questions about our new features available in Actimo app, reach out to our Support.

See you next month with another update from Actimo.
Stay safe!

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