Actimo Product Digest

Winter 2022 edition

The year is off to a great start. 

Check out these exciting product updates! 🎉



A brand new Admin Navigation

Admin users can now enjoy new navigation in their admin section.

The new menu bar and table views are here to improve your users’ experience and make it easier for them to navigate and find information in their admin section. 

More details about the navigation update here.

Social Wall Reporting

Track your social wall activities and export analytics in just a few clicks from your social wall section. 

Here is how it works.

Coming Soon 
Features you’ll see on Actimo in the very near future.


Notification Center

We are shifting things around to enhance your employees’ app experience with a notification center!
Your employees will soon be able to keep track of all their app notifications at a glance, and adjust notification settings for their personal profile.

For a sneak peek on the feature, check out our Helpdesk article.

Academy Folders

Academy Folders will allow for more organization within the admin section of your platform.

Get ready to start better gathering and structuring training and development content for your employees.

Voice Notes on Social Wall

Empowering your employees with voice notes on their social wall.

Voice notes will bring even more flexiblilty for your employees to share information with their colleagues on the go. 

More information about the feature here

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CuStomer Story

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Learn how a top distributor of tech & IT components has been using Actimo to support and inspire their Sales team members to succeed.

Now you know! See you soon for more updates! 

Remember, if you have questions about features available on Actimo app, reach out to our Support team. If you are not a part of the Actimo family yet, click here to learn more.

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